Are wasps ruining your time outside in the garden? Are you having trouble with rats in your stables and stores? Peter Davies Pest Control can help you rid your property of pests.


When it comes to reliable and trustworthy pest control services, Peter Davies Pest Control will give you only the most effective and suitable solutions.


I am committed to the complete extermination of a wide range of insects and vermin, using tried and tested methods and techniques.

Originally established as one of Oswestry's local pest control services I have grown into one of the region's most reputable and widely respected eradication specialists.


I regularly help homes, businesses and farms throughout North Shrewsbury, Wrexham, Welshpool, Ellesmere, Hanwood, Newtown, Corwen and Llanfyllin.

Pest controllers protecting your property

Get reliable insect and rodent control for your property in and around Shropshire, the Welsh borders & Cheshire

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